Media January 29, 2024

WATCH: Rare “You Could Do Worse” Television Clip

Several days after our CBC chronicle went viral, CTV’s “The Social” featured our factual story with a segment that captured the polarizing essence of our marketing prowess.

Although this bicep-beguiling exposé was cut from their online version, a trusty superfan (my brother) managed to film a bootleg copy on his mobile device. Who knew he had a love for daytime television?


The year was 1993 and I was vigorously training fourteen hours per week as a competitive swimming adolescent. Trying to sustain myself through those pubescent years was quite a toilsome task. I was underweight and exhausted due to my rigorous schedule, which began daily at 4:30am.

On the morning of my grade eight graduation photo, I vividly remember wearing a white collared shirt tucked into my only pair of Levi’s blue jeans. As my mother combed and parted my hair to the side, I asked how I looked. “You look very handsome!” she responded with the utmost assurance. I truly believed her, even though my Speedo-wearing existence was not considered popular with the girls at school.

At the time, I wasn’t fond of my appearance in this graduation photo, and it haunted me for years. Not only did it capture the most physically awkward moment of my life, but it was displayed on my parents’ fireplace mantle (with pride, of course).

Cognitive dissonance is the name of the game, isn’t it?

In an era where realtors are unrecognizable from their filtered and AI-generated headshots, why not buck the trend and display the complete opposite on a billboard? That being said, my clients couldn’t recognize me from my grade eight headshot! Oh, the irony.

Johnny ‘Chew’erdine | Real Estate Beaver of Record

Check out our second appearance on “The Social” here: