“Johnny did a phenomenal job preparing our house to list."

“Johnny did a phenomenal job preparing our house to list. His attention to detail and creative marketing and listing strategies helped sell our house quickly, and for well over asking. He also helped us get our dream home. We highly recommend him!” - Kendra & Derek

Rarely does the perfect scenario manifest itself when buying or selling a home, and often 'playing it safe’ just isn’t going to cut it. In this sequence of events, Kendra and Derek needed to drop a condition of sale to secure their forever home. In situations like these, you need a realtor in your corner who is undaunted by the perilousness of today’s real estate market and can guide you into your dream home.

Thanks to my real estate expertise and experience we can officially roll out the red pelt for Kendra and Derek who are our newest Beaver Maniacs! I wish them a long life of home happiness.

When you’re ready to focus on the highs and less on the dangers of real estate, you know whom to call!

"Johnny knows what he is doing and is super easy to talk to. Highly recommend him!”

“We were looking for a place that felt comfy, and a bedroom with a great view as our first home together. We found Johnny’s ad and it quickly became a no brainer. He felt like a family friend. It was easy renting with him; he’s knowledgeable and if he doesn’t have an answer, he will find an answer for you in a matter of days. Johnny knows what he is doing and is super easy to talk to. Highly recommend him!” - Karlee & Matthew

It’s official, Karlee and Matthew are London’s newest Beaver Maniacs! I am delighted to declare that they’ve settled into the new lodge and are living happily ever after.

Do you have an unspecified case of the beaver fever? Well before it’s too late, you had better contact Beaver Realty for all your real estate remedies; they’re dam good!

"We would recommend working with Johnny to anyone seeking to buy or sell a London home.”

“We have known Johnny for a long time, but it wasn’t until working with him as a realtor that we truly understood his knowledge of and passion for the city of London. Whether you’re moving within, returning to, or discovering London for the first time, you can trust Johnny to help guide you. With his experience as an electrician and his access to many knowledgeable contacts, you can feel safe with your investment. He genuinely cares about helping his clients find the right home. We would recommend working with Johnny to anyone seeking to buy or sell a London home.” - Chris & Holly

As improbable as it may seem, your ideal home won’t always be instantly available. Time can dawdle when pinpointing, negotiating for and purchasing that exemplary abode. After a ten-month search, Holly and Chris secured their quintessential dream palace, and you know what? We had an appreciable amount of fun and laughter along the way. After thirteen years, Holly and Chris are finally returning to the City of Love (yes, I am talking about London) and moving into an astonishing house which I am jealous of!

Remember, home buyers/sellers are not cultivated trophy pieces generated from scripts, cold calls, door knocking and paid online leads. They are real humans that need an authentic realtor to help guide them into an extraordinary new home. Also, maybe even have a little merrymaking along the way? When you’re genuinely ready to get down on one knee and commit to the City of Love (like Holly and Chris did), you know whom to call!

"I highly recommend Johnny and Tristan."

“When my wife and I got our Canadian study and work permit approved, we never envisioned that getting an apartment would be a challenge. We researched rental.ca and Facebook marketplace and contacted several landlords but were unsuccessful. It was not until we met Johnny and Tristan (the best realtors in London, Ontario) that our search became a reality. They understood exactly what we needed, gave us different options, and went above and beyond to ensure we got exactly what we were looking for. If you are in London, Ontario, and in search of an apartment, home, condo etc. I highly recommend Johnny and Tristan.

Keep up the good work, guys!” - Destiny & Success

Obtaining a rental in London can be a strenuous experience, especially when you’re new to Canada. With Destiny’s first day of college fast approaching, he and his wife needed to sign a lease without any kerfuffle. Naturally, Tristan and I teamed up to “double-double” our efforts and make sure this could happen. Now, we are delighted to announce that Destiny and Success are settled into their new apartment, and we hope working with us has made their first Canadian experience a good one.

Whether you need advice or help in the leasing department, you know whom to call, eh!

"We highly recommend Johnny.”

“As first-time buyers, we were overwhelmed with how the process worked. Johnny was an easy choice, and we enjoyed his no-fluff attitude to home buying. Instead of offering a smoke-and-mirror show, he offered a service that was straight to the point with a sprinkle of dry humour; exactly what we needed when learning about mortgages, lawyers, accountants, etc. There was no such thing as a stupid question and his response time was quick! We highly recommend Johnny.” - Joey & Katey

J & K purchased a unique lookout tower perfect for keeping a watchful eye on feuds, Baconfests and massacres (what more does one need from a southwestern Ontario town?). Also, did I mention the tower came with a beautiful home? Although our home viewing journey ends here, our pub journeys are just beginning. Before long, I will be back to try the local brewery and crash on your couch!

Buying or selling a home is not just a transaction, it’s an experience. I strive to give my clients the best service possible with a splash of down-to-earth fun. If you’re thinking of making a move and feel more comfortable with a self-made, blue-collar realtor, you know whom to call!

"Kudos Johnny, on a job... done.”

“House sold in record time, above asking and is all finalized. Kudos Johnny, on a job... done.” - Pete G.

Do you have any idea what happens to a butter-based frosting after sitting 60 years in a poorly ventilated English basement? Well, it’s much like an overpriced listing sitting on the market for 60 days. Luckily for Pete, his listing was priced enticingly and sold firm in thirteen days. In the end, homebuyers searched out this beautiful condo like searching out a Mongolian horsehair vest in the Yangtze.

Working with Pete was a lot of fun and would cure anyone faster than a Black Forest ham.

Kudos to a job done indeed!

"Working with Johnny was great, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“We were told Johnny was a Mustang and could help us secure a rental property near Western University. We travelled to London just to view one house, but Johnny was very accommodating and booked multiple viewings on the fly. Our experience was quick and efficient, securing the investment property we had hoped for. Johnny was also there every step of the way after the sale, ensuring all the current leases were in order upon closing. Working with Johnny was great, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”- Rick & The Herd

Fortuitous, auspicious, propitious! It was my purple pleasure to help Rick & The Herd secure their rental property. As a Mustang who coaches on the Western University water polo team, I help our student athletes review leases before signing. This is a benefit to my clients, keeping my knowledge relevant within the Western student rental world. Luckily, I had previous experience with this specific property, giving Rick & The Herd an edge when submitting an offer.

It’s true what they say: “you can’t put a saddle on a mustang”. 'Stangs are excellent for scouting and trailblazing thanks to their muscular bodies and hard... hooves. So, when you’re ready to hire a Mustang and attempt to tame and/or sell your next student rental property, you know whom to call!

“Can you write a testimonial for me? Thank you, Johnny!”

“Can you write a testimonial for me? Thank you, Johnny!” - Tom P.

Sometimes, the essence of my elaborate services needs only to be captured by a mere image. Tom was the ultimate home buyer who approached each offer situation like a boxer ready to best their opponent in the squared circle.
Tom’s offer preparation routine:
1. Warming up on an exercise bicycle while reading my articles.
2. Stretching the major muscle groups before using Docusign.
3. Skipping rope while listening to one of my inspiring speeches.
4. Thwacking a heavy punching bag while visualizing other buyers.
5. Using a speed ball, thinking “you could do worse”.
6. Cooling down with a swig of my real estate statistics.

This flawless routine helped Tom bask in the glory of securing his first property. When you’re ready to join Tom in my photo archive hall of fame, you know whom to call!

"Johnny was able to make our buying and selling experience 'top notch'!!!"

“Johnny? You could do worse; check out Johnny’s super fun billboard on Wharncliffe Road. Working with Johnny was truly an amazing experience!!!!! Buying and selling a home can be a challenging and emotional experience. Johnny was able to make our buying and selling experience 'top notch'!!! Johnny’s attention to detail, fun marketing strategies, helping us stage our home and always being available to answer our questions helped us get an over asking price and a quick sale on our home in a slowing down real estate market. Thank you Johnny for helping our family buy our dream home.” - Rob, Melissa & Family

This project was a real humdinger and the need for timely completion was enough to send anyone into a feeding frenzy of low ballers. Nevertheless, we stayed cooler than a lightly misted eggplant (strategically placed by the front door of a supermarket to encourage buyers to shop longer and harder) and NO detail was spared: decluttering, cleaning, staging, professional photos/virtual tour, and of course my unique super-marketing strategies that lure in the heart and perplex the mind (is there any other way to do it?).

In conclusion, we sold this home speedier than scanning barcoded items through a self-checkout. Rob, Melissa and their younglings are now settling into their new home, and I am proud to say I was part of the process.

Suying or Belling? When you’re ready for a climactic ending to your daring real estate venture, you know whom to call!

"Overall, Johnny made my experience exceptionally smooth and fun."

“I was driving down Wharncliffe Road, caught a glimpse of Johnny’s billboard and thought to myself, “I could do worse.” (Check out his billboard, it is amazing!)

I contacted Johnny right away and he sold my home quickly with confidence. I loved his attention to detail and his attention-grabbing listing descriptions. After my house was sold, he helped me find a new home and closed that deal in record time.

Overall, Johnny made my experience exceptionally smooth and fun. Thank you, Johnny!” - Tessa M.

A home buying journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... or a drive down Wharncliffe Road to see London’s most provocative billboard. Tessa was wonderful to work with and her listing was prepared like a finely woven spiderweb, designed to lure in home buying flies... but with a happier ending (the buyers are alive and well). I look forward to working with Tessa again in the distant or non-distant future.

When you think you’re quite ready for another real estate adventure, you know whom to call!

"I'll never sell with any other agent.”

“I truly believe the reason my home sold for a record price is Johnny. His attention to detail and ability to market my property was astounding. I'll never sell with any other agent.” - Kevin P.

Kevin approached the sale of his condo like a cape-wearing, home-fighting matador, ready to thrust a sword through the shoulder blades of any buyer stampeding aggressively in his direction.

Taking the housing market by the horns, Kevin allowed me to prepare his listing right down to the most miniscule of details (staging, cleaning and marketing). In the end, this produced a record sale price which turned Kevin into an overnight sensation.

Months have passed and Kevin has moved into a new home, but some say the legend continues to grow and whispers of Kevin’s sale still travel through the winds of the neighbourhood.

When you're ready to perform in the real estate ring and become a legendary home-fighter, you know whom to call!

"We highly recommend using Johnny for your real estate needs."

"Working with Johnny was wonderful and he really removed the stress of the whole process. It was a big move for us and we certainly did it through the right realtor. We highly recommend using Johnny for your real estate needs." - Ann & John

Ann and John decided to make a sensational move to the heart of southwestern Ontario and I had the pleasure of helping them secure an extraordinary home.

There is a lot involved when purchasing a home in the country: septic tanks, well water testing and zoning (to name just a few) are items that you need to be aware of before submitting an offer. Working with a realtor with country experience (like me!) is highly recommended. So, when you're ready to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a laid-back country life, you know whom to call!

"Johnny made the staging and the sale of our home a smooth summer breeze."

"Johnny made the staging and the sale of our home a smooth summer breeze. He went above and beyond to make sure every small detail was taken care of, so that our home looked better than ever when it hit the market. From coordinating contractors and stagers to rolling up his sleeves to make the home shine in all its glory, his commitment to his clients is unmatched. We highly recommend hiring Johnny to get the best result and a smooth process when selling your home." Jillian & Andrew

Social media is guilty of showcasing only the success and highlight reels of real estate, but be assured there is a lot of hard work and preparation required to maximize the value of your home.

In this case, there was a miscommunication with the stagers; two very important floors were cluttered with personal belongings and it showed on the Realtor.ca photos. This required an emergency drive to Windsor to personally clean, retake and upload photos for potential buyers to see. By that afternoon the house was remedied, and within a week it sold at a well-deserved price.

Selling a home goes beyond putting a 'For Sale' sign on the front lawn and emulating the cast from Selling Sunset. Each sale experience is unique and will run into its own hiccups. Because of this, you need to hire a real estate agent who is willing roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

Truth be told, I am not an alluring babe from Selling Sunset, who will make all of your untamed fantasies come true, even though Andrew does consider me a hunky heartthrob. Nevertheless, when you're buying or selling your home and are ready to experience next-level customer service, you know whom to call!

"Johnny is hands down the best real estate agent to have by your side.”

“Johnny was our real estate guardian angel; protecting us from the buyer's market boogeyman and helping us secure a beautiful home in a great neighbourhood. He guided us in making good real estate decisions, putting his licensed electrician knowledge and ability to find rare opportunities to excellent use. He kept us on a path of logical thinking, preventing our emotions from taking over when the market became too hot to handle. He provided us with the perfect amount of information: keeping us informed throughout the process, without making it overwhelming. Above all, he made my first home purchase fun and incredibly memorable; what a positive experience!

Whether you're buying your first home (like me), or your twelfth, Johnny is hands down the best real estate agent to have by your side.” Karla M.

Karla and Kevin are the ultimate dynamic duo, and when a home buying opportunity presented itself they moved like greased lightning. Now they can relax and relish in the glory of London’s most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood. With schools, shops, and my favourite watering hole, they have all the amenities they need to live the dream!

When you’re ready to join my exclusive group of satisfied clients, and gulp a home near my favourite pub (as well as right around the corner from my billboard), you know whom to call!

"Without Johnny, I may not have had the confidence to buy"

"In an instant of urgency, I needed a realtor who was responsive and knowledgeable. This is where Johnny swooped in at a moment's notice, cancelling a “sizzling hot date” to provide me access to the property and all the information I needed. Johnny’s impressive statistics and projections of the neighbourhood made it clear how imperative it was for me to purchase this condo that night.

Thanks to Johnny’s advice and winning formula, I successfully purchased my condo and I am ecstatic with how much it has gone up in value! Without Johnny, I may not have had the confidence to buy, and I’d probably be drowning in a sea of regret.

I absolutely recommend Johnny; he will really look out for your best interests, even if you don’t know what your best interests are. Thank you, Johnny!" - Kevin L.

Kevin needed to make a very quick decision when it came to purchasing this condo, and with the market ready to escalate, he made the right move within a matter of hours. With my extensive market research and in-depth knowledge of the condo building, I was able to give him the confidence he needed.

I am always responsive and available for my clients; a level of service you should expect from a realtor. When it is time for you to cancel a sizzling hot date for your real estate needs, you know whom to call!

"Smart, professional and handsome; Johnny is a true gentleman"

“I originally wanted to rent an apartment but Johnny convinced me it was to my benefit to purchase a condo and boy, was he right! Johnny made the search for my new condo an enjoyable one: opening doors for me, bringing me bottled water, and even carrying my purse.

I am now settled into my new home and Johnny continues to check up on me and assist with odd jobs, like setting up my Netflix, operating my newfangled appliances, hanging mirrors and even helping me finish a few bottles of wine that I can’t manage myself.

Smart, professional and handsome; Johnny is a true gentleman and the best realtor I’ve ever worked with. I recommend Johnny to anyone that is ready to buy a home.” – Barb K.

Working with Barb is a lot of fun! She needed to live in a building that could provide opportunity for new friends and euchre tournaments. After a thorough search and a successful sale, I am happy to announce she is enjoying the lifestyle she hoped for.

You’ll love working with me (just like it says on my billboard); my service goes beyond the sale and I am always available to help my clients. When you’re ready to join my exclusive group of satisfied clients, you know whom to call!

“You have not experienced real service until you work with Johnny!"

“You have not experienced real service until you work with Johnny!

Johnny was highly recommended by my mortgage specialist as her trusted realtor of choice. He helped me purchase my London home for $30k under asking as it had been on the market for over 40 days. Exactly one year later he sold my home (which was in precisely the same condition as I bought it) in 7 days, for $205k more than I paid for it. Johnny’s detailed approach and preparation made all the difference. It was truly remarkable.

The story doesn't end here...

Not only did Johnny help me in London, he helped me find a local realtor in Moncton, who would match his high level of standards. I am now happily settled into my New Brunswick home; thank you Johnny!”- Logan M.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping my clients achieve financial success through real estate. Logan's no guff approach made us the perfect team, and I have no doubt he will succeed in all of his future endeavours.

In a world starving for authenticity, I deliver you these genuine testimonials matched with bona fide photos of my triumphant buyers/sellers. When you’re ready to take a page from Logan’s ‘no guff’ playbook, and join my exclusive group of satisfied clients, you know whom to call!

"We are now living in our dream property and Johnny helped us get to where we wanted to be.”

“We really had no intention of moving unless the perfect place became available, but that is exactly what happened. We came across a place for sale that ticked all the proverbial boxes and then some. It meant having to sell both the homes we owned and to navigate the tricky process of securing the new property.

That is when we turned to Johnny Hewerdine for help. We needed someone who had the expertise and insight to help us prepare our two properties for sale in a manner that would get us the most value, while at the same time helping us to negotiate the purchase of the new one.

Johnny was there every step of the way. He was professional, accommodating, and sensitive to our particular needs. He consistently demonstrated that he was working with our best interests in mind. After he played a pivotal role in helping us successfully secure our new home in a volatile market, we once again turned to Johnny to help us sell our two properties. Both sold within twenty-four hours of each other and for more than we anticipated.

Our experience with Johnny was very positive and we would highly recommend him for all your real estate needs. We are now living in our dream property and Johnny helped us get to where we wanted to be.” – Darlene, Jon & Family

I am elated that Darlene, Jon, and the family have landed their dream property, and I await the pleasure of trading in real estate with them again. I must admit I am envious of their new location!

1. I am a licensed broker. I have continued my real estate education beyond the basic Sales Representative: I take my career and your business seriously.

2. I am a licensed electrician. We are dealing with homes that are built by skilled tradesmen. Who better to have working for you than a licensed broker, who is also a Red Seal-certified, skilled tradesman? Let me give you the ultimate insight on your future dream home's structure.

3. I am a successful entrepreneur. I’m a proven success in the business world, beyond just real estate. My customer service and negotiation skills, along with my tireless work ethic, will surpass your expectations.

Don't tiptoe down the deep dark depths of immovables alone; contact me and I'll flick on the flashlight of knowledge. Let's make your 2022 real estate experience a good one.

"We couldn't recommend a better realtor to work with to buy and sell your home."

"Working with Johnny to find our dream home in the midst of a pandemic could have been stressful, but Johnny made the search safe and enjoyable. We had a tall list for our "must haves" and Johnny matched these with our perfect home. We can't wait to bring our daughter home to our dream house. If not for Johnny's passion for real estate, this wouldn't have been possible. We couldn't recommend a better realtor to work with to buy and sell your home." - Claire & Nick

It's been over a year since Claire and Nick's freehold came to fruition, and their daughter is home and living well! Finding a home in this buyer's market is extremely difficult and a lot of work, but not impossible. You need an efficient realtor that will give you an edge over the competition and be by your side every step of the way (and beyond).

Contact me before you bellyflop into the sea of real estate and I'll ensure you're speedo ready, swan-diving into the market without a splash; these testimonials speak for themselves!

"In the end, I got more than I bargained for! Thank you Johnny!"

"I have this phobia of needles. If I had a choice to clean all the driveways on my street with my bare hands, or have my blood sample taken, it would be a really tough one... but when I started thinking about selling my house - I discovered I have a new contender for my scariest experience!

Why is that? When you look at your house, then at some houses for sale, then at your house again, you will discover a ton of details that you love, hate or don't care about - and then realize you might get it all wrong! It's a terrifying thought, that you might spend 200+ hours on the wrong things and even make your house worth less! But here's Johnny!

This is the man that makes a difference! I had so many questions: "What about this?... What about that?... Should I remove this?... Would this scare people off?.... Is this the right color?..." Johnny said, R-E-L-A-X! He shook all my fears away with true confidence! He knew what mattered and helped me guide my efforts where they truly made sense! Battered garage door? Curb appeal- fix it! Rusty, but robust shed in the backyard? Who cares! Clutter? Destroy! Hole in the wall? Put a nice frame around it and call it modern art! Or wait... We can actually put a small door on it...

Johnny is a person who truly cares! When I needed help with things I couldn't fix, he was there to help me with advice or his own hands. When a decision was needed, he would provide hard data, so I had no doubts on the right course of action. When I was getting overly paranoid, his calm, night DJ voice would bring back sanity to my life. He is definitely a man of many talents!

In the end, I got more than I bargained for! Thank you Johnny!" - Mateusz T.

I love it when my clients' testimonials are as creative as my own articles. Mateusz is down-to-earth, diligent, humorous, and was a pleasure to work with. We sold his home efficiently and for a great price. Buying and selling real estate can be a lot of work and stress, but, as Mateusz has shown, it really doesn't have to be. This will be an experience I will not forget any time soon, and I now consider Mateusz a great friend! Can't wait to hear about his new life in Poland.

Contact me when you start thinking about buying or selling your home and join my exclusive group of satisfied clients; these testimonials speak for themselves!

"If we ever decide to move we will definitely work with Johnny again."

“We thought buying a house would be complicated but Johnny made the process stress-free and simple. We were very particular, wanting a big yard and plenty of privacy. Johnny found us the perfect home. If we ever decide to move we will definitely work with Johnny again. We highly recommend giving him a call if you are in the market. You won’t regret it!”– Paul & Chrissy A.

The optimum time to buy a home always seems to be three to five years ago, but if you never buy, that three to five years ago will never happen. If you’re thinking of buying a home, don’t delay and just take the plunge! Before long, you’ll build a sum of accrued equity, just like Paul and Chrissy.

Contact me when you start thinking about buying or selling your home and join my exclusive group of satisfied clients; these testimonials speak for themselves!

"I hear Johnny is a pretty good swimmer too!"

“Quick shout out to real estate agent extraordinaire Johnny Hewerdine. Very easy to work with, easily accessible, and strong knowledge of the market and value. Johnny nailed the final sales price on a number of properties leading up to this one! Highly recommended by me if you are buying or selling. I hear Johnny is a pretty good swimmer too! Thanks buddy!” – Alex H.

It’s always a privilege to work with successful entrepreneurs like Alex, as they only work with like-minded individuals deemed worthy. Alex has the skills and ambition required to triumph in today’s market. He does not hesitate when an opportunity presents itself, and all buyers should take a page from Alex’s book of business. I also hear he is a pretty good swimmer too!

Contact me when you start thinking about buying or selling your home and join my exclusive group of satisfied clients; these testimonials speak for themselves!

"Johnny has been readily available and very helpful in my current house purchase."

"Johnny has been readily available and very helpful in my current house purchase. I am very pleased with my house that I bought 4 months ago and never felt rushed or pushed to buy a home. He is very knowledgeable about homes and agreeable to what you are looking for in a home. I'd recommend Johnny and I'm sure he can help you find what you are looking for." - Alex L.

Alex embarked on a home buying campaign with an educated and logical approach. With my guidance, he executed that campaign with magnificence. Alex now basks in the glory of his beautifully renovated home that will be relished for years to come. Alex is living proof that with the right tactics, penetrating the London housing market's tortoise (shield wall) formation is still achievable.

"I found the home that was perfect for me and it was all thanks to Johnny."

"I found the home that was perfect for me and it was all thanks to Johnny. He was encouraging, understanding, accommodating, and easy to work with. Johnny's commitment and straightforward approach was exactly what I needed. Overall, this was an excellent experience and I highly recommend Johnny as your next real estate agent." - Amy P.

One of my favourite parts about this job is keeping in touch with my clients beyond just the real estate transaction, and knowing they'll be happy in their new home for years to come. Amy has now been in her new home for two and a half years, and is still loving it!

“Johnny made purchasing a home a dream come true."

“Johnny made purchasing a home a dream come true. He was always available to answer our questions and very diligent with getting us into the perfect house. Johnny made the home-buying process into a remarkable experience. We have decided our firstborn will be named Johnny, regardless of sex.” - Brett & Rachel J.

Brett and Rachel were exceptionally assiduous during the home-buying process. By selecting me as their realtor, they were equipped with the knowledge and tactics to secure their lifelong dream home. I look forward to meeting the future Johnny Jr.

"I'm very confident I will be using Johnny again in the future."

"This will be the 5th property I've purchased in my lifetime. I can confidently say that from start to finish this experience was a very pleasant one.

Johnny was very attentive to my needs and I can be quite the needy one. Just ask my cats. He was very patient and took great lengths to find a property that would satisfy me. He was able to figure out precisely what my current situation could afford. His knowledge of the industry gave me excellent insights into the current housing market. No one has ever taken the time to educate me as well as he did. I would and already have recommended Johnny to others. I'm very confident I will be using Johnny again in the future." - Adam O.

Adam is a pleasure to work with and is quickly becoming a true merchant prince. With another successful investment property, Adam continues to accumulate financial security and wealth through real estate.

"Johnny is your ideal realtor!"

"I am truly grateful for all of Johnny's help with finding my very first home. Buying your first home can be extremely daunting and I honestly knew nothing about the housing market, real estate, or owning a home but Johnny made the process so easy! He went the extra mile for me by answering my questions very quickly, understanding exactly what I was looking for, taking me to viewings, and even going through the listings with me to see what I might like.

He did an excellent job at thoroughly checking every home we viewed and gave me his honest opinion about the condition of the house. Johnny was always spot on when predicting the price properties would sell for. He's also an electrician which became a huge asset when looking at places. When I first started looking, I had very high expectations of the home I wanted that wasn't in my price range but Johnny remained patient, offered great guidance, and helped me be more realistic. He was able to get me a home that I am IN LOVE with and I will forever be grateful for all of his help.

If you're looking for a realtor who understands all aspects of the housing market, whose first priority is your satisfaction, is friendly and quick to respond, then Johnny is your ideal realtor!" - Mel H.

I am truly happy for Mel's success in the real estate market. She is well on her way to financial security and freedom through home ownership.

"If you want results, call Johnny Hewerdine!”

“My house had been for sale for close to a year when I purchased it. Johnny sold it in 2 days for well over asking price. If you want results, call Johnny Hewerdine!” - Lisa D.

Contrary to popular belief, homes do not just sell themselves. Hiring an expert sales representative is required to help prepare your home for the market and to sell efficiently for top dollar. Extensive market research, collecting accurate information, advertising, staging, and listing at a competitive price are just a few things that must be accomplished to perfection.

Lisa was a pleasure to work with and allowed me the freedom to do my job, and in return we were able to attract the perfect buyer in just two days.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, contact me and I’ll guide you through the process with expert and personalized advice.

"Johnny was supportive every step of the way"

“It was my first home buying experience and I was quite nervous about going through the process alone. When I met with my bank for financial assessment and mortgage approval they put me in contact with Johnny. He was this particular banker's favourite to recommend to first time buyers. Johnny was supportive every step of the way - through house hunting, losing out on my first offer, to the excitement of finding the gem that eventually became my home. He was very flexible, working around my weird shift work hours. Johnny also recommended my real-estate lawyer and even an electrician who did some work in my house a few months later.

This has been my house for just over a year now (I still like the sound of that - MY house). And I've been able to turn it into a home to which I've grown quite attached. There's nothing quite like home ownership to feel really at home. I would recommend it to anyone who's willing, able and currently considering it.” - Sara-Pier

I couldn’t have expressed it better myself. Sara-Pier was a pleasure to work with and I’m excited for her long-term investment in her home.