Media December 31, 2023

FIRED: You Could Do Worse Article Ranks #7 in CBC London’s 10 Most Read Stories of 2023 (google CBC for full story)

Remember that time Tristan and I were fired for excessively using the phrase “you could do worse?” Well, that little anecdote became the 7th most read story in London for 2023.

It’s unimaginable that the marketing prowess of one slogan, on one billboard, in one piddly location, could disturb the fabricated social rules of real estate society, and summon so much egocentric emotion.

But hey, love it or hate it, you read it, and we think that’s neat.

So, what really made this story so triumphant? Here is the feedback we received:

• Some attest it was the confident display of self-deprecation amidst a world of insecurity and counterfeit perfection.

• Others claim it was the authenticity of photos derived from the 1990s, especially now in an era when the 90s are fashionable again.

• The majority of readers say they were simply inspired by the tale of two commoners standing against classist tyranny and subjective censorship.

In the end, I think everyone just loves an underdog.

Here’s to more disruptive marketing in 2024. Happy New Year!

Johnny ‘Chew’erdine | Real Estate Beaver of Record 🪵🦫