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GOTCH THE GITCH? Top 10 Things To Love About Saskatoon (and why its Real Estate market might make your pelvis pulsate!)

Why Saskatoon? Well, before we delve into real estate stats and hilarious innuendos, I’ll give you a breakdown of how this article came to be. Don’t go anywhere; I promise to make it fun and borderline offensive.

It had been 20 years since my hasty habitation in Toon Town, and truth be told, the probability of going back was as slim as finding my long-lost Roughrider bunnyhug. I thought I’d NEVER return… even after an illustrious, sizzling sensation by the name of Justin Bieber (AKA The Biebs), dazzled my world with those magical words of wisdom: “never say never”.

During a lovely visit to Ontario from my prairie dwelling friends, I was inspired to re-explore the prepossessing sights, sounds and smells of Bridge City. Several weeks later (and thanks to cheap domestic flights) my travels back to “Saskatchetoon” (as my father would call it) were imminent.

Upon my glorious return to the Paris of the Prairies, I was astonished to see how much it had gentrified. The once greasy Stoon had truly transformed into a delightful city, and if you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking it out.

1. RIVERFRONT. The South Saskatchewan River has great trails, breathtaking views, and water so clean you can enjoy a cityscape skinny dip.
2. URBAN DESIGN. It’s pedestrian friendly, riddled with bike lanes, and their ring road is a driver’s dream. Travel anywhere by car within 15 minutes thanks to Circle Drive.
3. GENTRIFICATION. Neighbourhoods once deemed unsafe have been remedied, and are now a haven for hipsters galore. Plaid is rad.
4. AMIABLE. Saskatchewan residents are the friendliest humans on Earth. There is something innocent and genuine about them; it’s refreshing.
5. MOUTH-WATERING. Saskatoon restaurants will make your tongue twirl, hurl and swirl. Delicious!
6. SEXY SASKATONIANS. Yes, the winters are piercingly cold, but the Saskatonians are probingly hot! Frigid winds + steamy bods = moderate, wintertime temperatures.
7. SHAW CENTRE. If you’re an avid swimmer such as myself, you’ll love their world-class aquatic facility. Speedos mandatory.
8. SASKATOON BERRIES. Only the most stupendous berries in Canada. Love the Shadbush!
9. LIVING SKIES. Unique landscapes, enormous skies and beautiful sunsets; the license plate says it all.
10. SASK-LAG. Much of Saskatcha-ciety is still 25 years behind the rest of the country (and I think they’re OK with that). Cars and fashion: timewarpingly fun.

Now that we have established that Saskatoon is a scrumptious place to live, let’s check out their real estate market. Whether you want to be the next real estate tycoon, or are simply looking for a better quality of life, Saskatoon may be an option for you.

Metro Population:
London – 511,000
Saskatoon – 331,051
*Statistics Canada, 2021

Average Home Price:
London – $644,773
Saskatoon – $341,730
*CREA September, 2021

Cheapest Apartment Condo Listing:
London – $169,900
Saskatoon – $29,900 October 4, 2021

Priciest Apartment Condo Listing:
London – $1,350,000
Saskatoon – $998,800 October 4, 2021

Cheapest Detached Home Listing:
London – $299,900
Saskatoon – $74,900
* October 4, 2021

Priciest Detached Home Listing:
London – $3,900,000
Saskatoon – $3,490,000
* October 4, 2021

# of New Listings:
London – 778
Saskatoon – 652
*CREA September, 2021

# of Sales:
London – 627
Saskatoon – 397
*CREA September, 2021

Average Days on the Market:
London – 8
Saskatoon – 44
*CREA September, 2021

Are you looking to buy or invest, but London has become too expensive? Has my article inspired your assembly line of “brilliant” ideas to launch into mass production? Are those ideas bypassing quality control and yearning to roll off the tongue-veyor belt into diesel-fuelled action?

In other words, if my recent visit to Saskatoon and this article has inspired you in any way, feel free to reach out. I am here for your real estate needs, wants and darkest desires.

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