Market Updates January 10, 2023

How My Marketing Can Guide Consumers to Like-Minded Realtors (“The Billboard”)


Real estate season is upon us and sadly most adverts have stopped tantalizing the consumers:

• “Free Home Valuation!” (News flash: they’re all free)
• “#1 Realtor!” (Everyone is #1 with the right fine print attached)
• “Commission Free!” (Remember… you get what you pay for)

We’ve seen it all baby, and real estate’s marketing prowess has been lost amongst all the hubbub. So, this in turn begs the question: “Where are the adverts that consumers desperately desire?”

“You have to be different” is the advice given by many realtors in the biz. With over 2200 real estate agents in the London area, we all need to stand out somehow if we aim to aid the right customers.

Oh sure, this sounds great in theory, but the reality is that a small few are capable of putting this advice into action. This is due to peer pressure from a small handful of colleagues that want us to act “normal”. This type of subjective resistance is a major disservice to the real estate industry, and most importantly you as the consumer.

Ever wonder why most real estate adverts are lacking the lust factor? Well, that’s because they are nothing more than a vanity contest and rarely designed to capture an audience.

My mission is to market with purpose and enhance the viewer’s overall real estate experience. If consumers gravitate towards the delicious salty smells of my marketing, they’ll love working with me. If they loathe my advertising, they’ll prefer someone a little more… “conventional”. Either way, my refreshingly misted marketing tactics will guide consumers straight into the arms of like-minded realtors. This approach ensures everyone (realtors and consumers) will have a smooth sailing transaction.

Let’s take my latest billboard as an example: “ZERO Awards Won!” This provocative billboard has been deemed refreshing and received rave reviews from the public. On the flipside, it has also faced criticism from a very small group of confrères for being the opposite of everything they’ve ever known.

The bottom line is: if you decide to drink up my thirst-quenching billboard and it’s the gargle your gullet was whistling for, then you’ll know whom to call. If not, then perhaps a billboard with awkward smiles, crossed arms and legs spread wide open on barstools will be more your cup of tea (not that there’s anything wrong with that?).

Nevertheless, let’s save yourself an exhausting swim through the stormy sea of realtors and dive right into my warm whirlpool of marketing. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side with a dry towel and a hot cup of whatever your little real estate heart desires.